Ready for any situation thanks to versatile accessories


Room divider for sleeper-cab

The room divider for the sleeper-cab is recommended to serve as a bed rail and to shield the sleeping area from prying eyes, for instance when your campsite neighbour stays up longer than you do.

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Room divider for children's / guest room

To give children or guests their own room, CAMPWERK has designed a room divider specifically for the FAMILY tent trailer which separates an area of 220x180 cm from the main tent.

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Floor flap under the bed

No more need to crawl into trailer to get to your stuff in the far back. We'll incorporate a big floor flap with gas spring which makes opening it a piece of cake, in addition to keeping it open, if need be.

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Anti-soiling tarpaulin for set-up

A rugged anti-soiling PVC tarpaulin for use when setting up the tent and to protect the main tent's ground sheet. Cut to match the respective main tent.

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Ground sheet for extension tent

For anybody who prefers their awning with a ground sheet. Extremely rugged PVC sheet attachable to the sides of the awning.

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Window put-up set

Thanks to the put-up hinges, the outer window layers can be deployed as awnings. On the road with bicycles? Just park them under the awning to keep them dry.

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Extension tent premium poles

The robust, galvanised standard poles for the extension tent are plugged together–a simple and reliable method. But, in case you dislike working with scores of single poles, there's always the premium pole kit for your extension tent, where the main poles are connected via a special hinge–simply fold out for set-up. This does away with the onerous searching and arranging of the poles, while the integrated tension locks (power grips) make assembly very straightforward.

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Anti-soiling top sheet

Soiling such as bird droppings or tree gum is not only annoying but can pollute and degrade your car finish and tent cloth. That's why we have developed a thin top sheet that is simply put over the roof of your tent and pegged down once the tent is assembled. Moreover, the reflective silver lining helps improve the climate substantially even on hot days, as direct sunlight is kept out of the tent thanks to the air cushion. Of course we have incorporated a cut-out to accommodate our beloved skylight.


Extension tent with awning

For anybody looking for a bower in front of the extension tent.

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Mosquito protection for the sleeping area

In fact, mosquitoes will already find it impossible to get into the tent by virtue of the ultra-fine gauze on the doors and windows . However, if you just cannot be bothered to close the doors properly or if there are children around that don't take it as seriously as you do (after all, on holiday there are always better things to do;-), you can resort to our full inner tent made of ultra-fine mosquito gauze that protects the sleeping area.

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Anti-swerve coupling

AL-KO ball couplings with safety system reduce the pendular movements between the towing vehicle and trailer, thus ensuring a maximum of road safety. Relaxed driving with peace of mind is possible even in critical situations.

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Spare wheel & holder

What to do when you get a flat tyre far away from home? Be on the safe side in any situation with the optional spare wheel. The wheel is attached to the side of the trailer.

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15 cm side panel extension

All our trailers are roomy by default. Those in need of even more space, however, can raise the height of the trailer from 45 to 60 cm via the optional side panel extension. This increases the volume by nearly 30 per cent to approx. 1.50 m³ (1,500 litres), providing enough space even for cumbersome objects such as tables and chairs. It also enables transport of 5/11 kg gas cylinders.


2-/3-/4- unit bike carrier

Holidays without bike? Hardly an option for most campers. That's why we have included a bike carrier in our portfolio that will benefit the entire family. The carrier will let you transport up to 4 bicycles on the specially extended drawbar–but there's more to it. Our bike carriers are capable of being mounted on your car's own trailer coupling. Therefore, whenever you're travelling without trailer, you can still take along your bikes.


Trailer coupling drawbar adapter

Sie haben bereits einen Fahrradträger für die Anhängerkupplung? Super! Dann können Sie diesen mit unserem speziellen Deichseladapter am Anhänger befestigen. Ab 4 Fahrrädern benötigen Sie jedoch einen speziellen Fahrradträger, den wir Ihnen gerne anbieten können. Sprechen Sie uns einfach an.

New! Reinforced version, suitable for e-bikes!

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Lashing rail

For improved load restraint, we recommend using two lashing rails, which are worked into the side panels of the trailer, e.g. for use with lashing straps. The set comprises four anchor points with a tensile strength of up to 400daN.


Transport tube

You may be familiar with the situation: The linkage gets in your way while you load the trailer. CAMPWERK's transport tube does away with that problem. It lets you carry your tent poles and other long parts simply on the outside of the trailer. With the integrated return disc, you can effortlessly pull even the smallest part forward.


Anti-theft system

Your trailer is an object of value—don't leave it unsecured. The anti-theft system is firmly screwed to the trailer and replaces the case and key lock with a convenient single product. All you need is a key! You can leave the trailer locked also while it's still coupled to the car—an important feature for example when getting a meal at the roadhouse, leaving the trailer unattended.


20L can

Always spare material on board. A valuable accessory piece, especially when travelling countries that don't have filling stations on every corner. Available for diesel, petrol or simply water. The can is mounted to the side of the trailer via a retainer.


Clamping bar

Your load must be secured in such a way that it cannot slip, fall down or cause a vehicle to topple in "normal" road and travelling conditions. The clamping bar is installed in front or behind the load, thus preventing it from slipping.


Full-aluminium base plate

Our trailers come with textured coated board for a floor by default. However, we'll be glad to replace it with a full-aluminium base plate which offers even more durability and, thanks to its special finish, non-slip safety.


Euro boxes with lid

Your trailer offers plenty of storage space. To optimise its utilisation, we have the perfect, rugged euro boxes and compact folding boxes with lid. Convenient both for packing and use as a seat or side table.

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