The all-in-one solution to get you going...road trailer plus tent

Der ONROAD Zeltanhänger von CAMPWERK

Take a road trailer with premium equipment, made by a famous German supplier, that makes the perfect camper for trips across Germany as well as a few neighbouring countries. Featuring a lug for the trailer tent, this trailer is designed to be complemented with trailer tent. And off you go!

A key benefit -while a perfect yet inexpensive fit for your holidays, you can also use the trailer for normal transport duties on a day-to-day basis. Custom-made to our specifications, we offer a full 10-year guarantee on our trailers—which is unparalleled in Germany!

Our road trailers come in two versions: unbraked with 750 kg gross vehicle weight and our recommended braked version with 1,300 kg gross vehicle weight.

10-year guarantee!

10 Jahre Garantie auf die AnhängerbasisOur trailer base doesn't come from the lab. The rugged design was built on real life experience. A match for rough conditions, the oversize axles and the rugged, nearly indestructible aluminium frames are unequalled. That's why we offer you a 10-year guarantee!

Life isn't grey but multicoloured.

Unser Anhänger kann auch in der Wunschfarbe bestellt werdenThat's why CAMPWERK now offers the option to have the trailers painted in your desired colour.

Whether it's a leathery look or the ever popular "black'n'silver" edition–individualism is what you'll get.

Draw tube or V-fork?

Countless trailer drivers are faced with the problem on a daily basis when the space is cramped.

Die Vorteile eines ZugrohrsWhen driving forward into an alley, you need to be able to reverse your car as far as possible "against the trailer" to "get around" at the front when turning. Such situations call for a draw tube, so that you can leverage the full angle. This is why we use draw tubes.


  • 2 crossbeams
  • maintenance-free rubber spring axle (hot-dip galvanised)
  • The undercarriage is made solely by the well-known market leader in the car trailer and camper segment, ALKO
  • Coupling with safety indicator

Aluminium superstructure

  • our aluminium trailers feature anodised aluminium profiles
  • double-walled anodised aluminium side panels 30mm, height 440mm
  • large safety lighting with integrated rear fog lamp
  • balanced tyres as standard (185/70 R13)
  • all stainless steel (V2A stainless) M8 threaded connections
  • Electric system: standard lead (wiring harness) with 13-pole connector

Ready for any situation thanks to versatile accessories

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