A trailer, a thousand possibilities: CARGO - the versatile and robust transport solution for everyday life and leisure time.

CAMPWERK Cargo FlotteRegardless of whether you use your CARGO primarily for professional purposes or, for example, for the transport of your sports equipment, the robust design and high material quality will always give you years of pleasure.

Short-long / flat-high / thin-wide / open-closed … you will get to know the innumerable possibilities of individualization.

CAMPWERK CargoDecide for yourself and assemble your trailer with exactly the dimensions you need for your purposes. Choose practical features such as the foldable lid, the individual door stop variant, integrated lashing rails or special hole circles for the desired rims. Bring color into play: trendy black with color details for the towing vehicle, for example for your off-roader. And with the comprehensive accessories from the CAMPWERK program, such as canisters, transport tubes, spare wheels or bicycle carriers, your CAMPWERK CARGO is really tailor-made.

The Camp & Bike solution for motorcycles and quad bikes

Our recipe for camping made easy:
CAMPWERK Cargo mit Dachzelt Finally, it is there, the long-desired camping solution for motorcyclists. CAMPWERK, the specialist for tent trailers and car roofs from the Ruhr area, now offers tent trailers with the possibility to charge up to two motorbikes or a quad. Many bikers do not want to do without their machines in well-earned camping holidays. Until now there was no practical offer for this request. From now on.

A "special" as a surprise hermit.
CAMPWERK BIKE acts as a transport trailer and folding caravan with up to 8 sleeping places - depending on the equipment. The innovative caravan allows individual loader sizes for the transport of up to two motorcycles (so that the partner can biken) or a quad. With the automatic lift the loading becomes a children's play. The motorcycle is simply rolled onto a sled and then pulled electrically into the trailer loader. Without any risk of tipping and without effort! The tent can also be detached and placed on a car roof as Roof top tent.

10 Jahre Garantie

garantieOur trailer base does not come from the laboratory. The reality determines the robustness of the construction. The over-dimensioned axes adapted to rough conditions and the robust, almost indestructible aluminum frames are unique. Therefore, we give you 10 years warranty!


  • extended drawbar for bicycle carriers and drawbar boxes
  • maintenance-free rubber spring axle (hot-dip galvanised)
  • The undercarriage is made solely by the well-known market leader in the car trailer and camper segment, ALKO
  • Coupling with safety indicator
  • hydraulic axle shock absorbers
  • 2 rear supports, stable support wheel
  • braked trailers including 100 km / h special registration on German roads
  • technical approval up to 130 km / h for, Eg France

Aluminum construction

  • Double-walled anodised aluminum side walls 30 mm thick, 440 mm high
  • Large safety lighting with integrated rear fog light
  • Tested with standard tires
  • Bottom plate stable screen printing plate, non-slip
  • Screw connection complete M8 stainless steel (stainless steel)
  • Tailgate locks very elaborately made of stainless steel
  • Electrical: Standard cable with 13-pin plug
  • Comprehensive operating panel with the most important data such as tire pressure, cable assignment

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